Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils Toy Set - 25 pcs

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• Safe and non – toxic material • Looks like the real thing but is sized right for the young sous chef in your life • Plenty of cookware options let children stir up imaginative play while honing fine motor skills • Cultivate kids’ hobby in cooking • Lots of accessories for great role-play • Packaging Size: 43 x 30 x 4.5 cm Cultivating imaginative play and encouraging an appreciation for cooking and housework, toy kitchen sets for kids can be an important educational tool in your child's growth and development. Not only will your little ones have hours of fun with their kitchen playsets, they will learn to improve important skills like sharing, teamwork, and organization. This well-chosen assortment of cooking essentials is a great way to help kids learn about the joys of cooking. Pots and pans look like the real thing but are sized right for young children to achieve success while cooking up fun and learning valuable skills in the process. These pots and pans have the capacity to enhance a child’s interest in cooking and the ability to teach academic and life skills! Added to academic skills are developmental advances like motor skill refinement, eye-hand coordination and the confidence that increases with successful play experiences. Use this set to provide multisensory fun by adding different textures of pretend or real foods to the pots and mix them with your hands. Stir thick dough to increase grasp and arm strength. Packaging Included: 25 pieces Material: Stainless Steel


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